★ About Dee's Diary

About Dee's Diary
Dee’s Diary created in 2009 by the only one author Delila Dhiantie. In the beginning, Dee’s Diary is personal online diary which published random post and my personal life. Time goes by and I tried to develop my blog into something new. My interest in beauty stuffs inspiring me to make Dee’s Diary as beauty blog. In September 2012, I formally change my blog into beauty blog. Without leaving my old readers behind, I still published random posts in my blog. In this blog, I always called my readers as ‘fellas’, I always think that my readers as my friends that always support me to write new post everytime.

Dee’s Diary Disclaimer
After joined Indonesian Beauty Blogger, I realized that disclaimer is an important thing for beauty blogger like me. People read my blog to searching information about product that I reviewed and I have responsibility for all the things that I wrote in my blog. You can check Dee's Diary disclaimer on disclaimer page for further information.

Dee’s Diary Awards & Achievements

Winner of Too Cool for School Makeup Competition February 2016
Winner of Bioderma Blogger Competition March 2016

Dee’s Diary Analytics & Rank

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Periode 20 May - 19 June 2016

Global Rank (Alexa)
Periode June 2016



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