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Review Geo X-tra 3D Series WT-A65 Gray

Sekitar satu minggu yang lalu, aku order sepasang softlens cantik dari brand Domi Eyes di Geo Softlens Room. Waktu aku beli softlens ini lagi ada promo free geo lens (acak) untuk pembelian Domi Eyes Flower 4 Tone Series. Nah malem ini aku mau review free softlens nya dulu. (⌒▽⌒)

Geo X-tra WT-A65 Gray
Sebenernya softlens ini udah sampe sehari setelah aku order, cuman yaa berhubung masih sibuk dan baru sekarang sempet nulis lagi, makanya aku baru bikin reviewnya. So, softlens yang mau aku review kali ini adalah Geo X-tra WT A-65 Gray
Geo X-tra WT-A65 Gray
☆ Life Span: 1 year 
☆ Diameter: 15mm 
☆ Base Curve: 8.6 
☆ Water Content: 38% 

Design/ Patterns: I love the patterns, I don’t know why but I feel pattern on this lens give puppy eyes look, lol. The Black ring is wide enough to give dolly eyes effect. Still, I am afraid with the 3D effect, it makes my eyeball like wanna out of the place. hahahahhaha

Color: At the first time, I though this is black lens, but when I wear it I realize if this is Gray lens, lol. The gray appears when I wear it. The gray color is so bold and obvious it doesn’t blend very well on my brown eyes. ・゜・(PД`q)・゜

Comfort: Super comfort! I like wear nothing, yeah! I can wear it up to 6 hours without feel dry for outdoor activity. In a room with air conditioner I can survive until 5 hours before I use my eye drops.

Enlargement: For 15mm lens, this lens gives 16,8mm effect like my Barbie eye mirage. However, I don’t really like the 3D effects, I feel something wrong with my eyes.

Overall: I rate 4 out of 5 for Geo X-tra WT-A65 Gray. This lens is great, but I just disappointed because of the color didn’t blend well on my eyes. In my opinion, this lens didn’t fit for daily use, but still cute enough to get dolly look when you want to take some ulzzang selca. o((*^^*))o
Ulzzang Dee - Geo X-tra WT-A65
Ulzzang Dee
Ulzzang Dee
Btw, Don't forget always check authentication of your lens. Make sure you buy original lens :)
See you on my next post.. bye bye fellas ヾ(=・ω・=)o☆バイバイ☆ヾ(=・ω・=)o

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