Rabu, 22 Mei 2013

I am grateful for...

Well, heyya fellas! I know it’s been long time since I posted something really have meaning for you, and still this is one of my random chat. Actually, this is not only random chat, for me, this is what kind of something that I want to share to you, guys. Last night, I’ve been thinking about how much God changed my life like a boom, and it’s wonderful. I just want to thanks for it. So, here’s the theme of my random chat today.

 Back to early in this year, I have complicated problem that I can’t deal with. It is emotional problem. I can’t deal with my own feeling, my heart. As you know, I used to date this guy over two years and there are lot of stuffs that messing around us, until the problem become bigger, and I realize that I couldn’t take it anymore. Time goes by, and I found someone who helped me through my rough day.

 I’m grateful for know you. There is no coincidence in this world, all of the things already decided by the universe. God always give us opportunity to change our life, it depends on us, if we want to take it or leave it. Life is always makes you choice between one option with another and my choice are to know you.

I’m grateful for meet you. It is a blessing that I meet someone like you. There is no ways I could through my rough day easily without you. You’re a light in my blackout life. I never forget how we know each other, and how we met at the first time.

I’m grateful for your smile. Your smile more than sunshine, it has warmer, and more peace. Your smile is simple joy that make my life colorful. It is a little thing that called happiness. Your smile is more than smile it self, it is like half of my life come from your smile. You brighten me with a joy and changing my whole day.

I’m grateful for your hands. Remember the first time you hold my hand? I always remember how my heart pounded like a drum roll, and I don’t know what to do, I was trying hard to cover my nervousness. For some people this ‘thing’ maybe only happened at the first time, but for me, it always happened when you hold my hands, my heart started beating faster and faster, but I always love when it happens. I feel secure by your embrace and comforted by your gently touch.

I’m grateful for your eyes. I can see peace. You have calm in your eyes. The way you look at me is like a miracle and I don’t wanna lose it. When I see your eyes, I feel you always next to me; you always keep your eyes on me, and it makes me feel safe.

I’m grateful for your voice. You are my tranquilizer, only with hear your voice I can feel better. Your words for supporting me, entertain me, talk to me, or even you laugh at me or laugh with me, they’re make me realize if you always beside me wherever you are, even if you far away from me or next to me; I know you’re always here with me.

The best part of my life is I’m grateful for you. I grateful for your fondness for me; I grateful for all the ways you taking care of me; I grateful for how you listen to me; I grateful for all the things that you do; I grateful for how easily you make me fell for you; I grateful for everything in you. I know that nobody perfect, neither you nor me. Still, I feel perfect when I’m with you. You cover my imperfection and change it to perfection. Because of you, I’m much more than grateful, I’m blessed by you.

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