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January Haul

Holla Fellas! ~~~ヾ(^∇^)
Before started this post I wanna said @(^^*)@ノ☆..:*・゜☆HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013☆゜・*:..☆ヽ@(*^^)@ for all readers and friends. I’m so sorry because it’s too late, but I spent my holiday and cannot upload nor made some posts, the worst thing came up when class began. Since this is short semester I’m so busy with campus and busy to seek a company for my internship program this April.

Now, I wanna share about my January haul, and make the review later on. So here it is my super January haul. (゚ー゚*)(*゚ー゚)

Start from Korean brand. This month I decide to buy some products from Etude and Too Cool for School. Let’s start from Too Cool for School since I only buy one product from this brand.
  • TCFS: Maybe Baby Lips

Since the first time I know this product, I’m so curious about it. This product became my favorite for daily lip care. This product has two sides, first side for scrub (see the white one like lip gloss bottle), and the other side for moisturizing your lips (see the side looks like lipstick with yellowish color).

Next, the products from Etude House
  • Etude: Fresh Cherry Lip Tint #OR201 (Peach)

Fresh cherry lip tint is the first lip tint that I use, and still become my favorite. After I tried red color, now I wanna try peach color. Now, the packaging of fresh cherry lip tint already changed. So, be careful if you buy this product with old packaging.
  • Etude: Kissful Lip Care Lip Concealer

This product is new product that replaced ‘color me nude’, not really new, but yeah still not really old either. Only have one shade but cover all of lip shade. This product is super helpful to make sweet gradient lips, or if you have brownish lip you can use this concealer to evoke the real color of your tint, gloss, or lipstick.
  • Etude: Dear Darling Tint (Red)

This is the only one tint from etude which has the ‘real’ red color without any pinkish color. I wanna try to make snow white lips with this tint. Wait for the tutorial, okay???
  • Etude: Baby Woo~ Lip Plumper #1 (Aqua)

This plumper will give smexxy effect to your lips! And I love it! It will bring your lips into 4D effects, lol. Make you lips shiny and full. With mint flavor make your lips in cool sensation.
  • Etude: Dear My Blooming Cheek #PK001 (Pink)

This blush-on has shimmer on it and little bit sparkling on my face, but it is good to make healthy face effect. Have two colors with paler one as highlighter and the darker one as the blush make this blusher super nice if I wear it in evening.
  • Etude: Shiny Star BB Lotion (Natural)

This bb cream has the littlest SPF compare to another Etude bb cream products. Come up with two shades light and natural. I prefer to choose natural since I use the light shade on my pact.

Yeay! Finish for Korean brand now I will continue to American Products, lol! This Month for the first time I try Milani and Jordana. Also try new foundation brush from Ecotools.
  • Milani: Glow Natural Foundation (Light to Medium)
  • Jordana: Fabuliner (Black)
  • Ecotools: Retractable Foundation Brush

There is no short review for American Products since this is also my first time to try, but waiting for the review.

Extra Products:
  • Skin Aqua Sunblock

I bought this sunblock from suggestion from others beauty bloggers.
  • TCFS: McGirly - Rice Wine Secret (sample)

I got this sample when I bought Maybe Baby Lips.

I will share many things about those products. See you again(*^-')/~Bye-Bye

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  1. gteat haul! waiting for ur reviews :)

  2. nice^^
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