Selasa, 04 Desember 2012

December Giveaways

OMG~ I'm really busy until next two weeks but I still have time to found awesome giveaways this month :D
imma such a free-stuff lovers xD
anw, I found lot of giveaways for December but I just shown which giveaway I joined <3>

1. Christmas Circle Lenses giveaway x PinkyParadise
This giveaway held by Francesca on her blog le petit faon and ended on December 31, 2012

le petit faon: christmas circle lens giveaway
2. Iambabypanda's Holiday Giveaway
This giveaway held by Iambabypanda on her blog me and my glambition and ended on January 2013
Iambabypanda's Holiday Giveaways
3. Lensvillage Giveaways
This giveaway held by Yuki on her blog Yuki109 and ended on January 07, 2012
Lensvillage giveaway
4. TheAmazingWorldOfJ 500+ follower thank you giveaway
This giveaway held by Janine on her blog TheAmazingWorldOfJ and ended on New Year Eve at 00.00
TheAmazingWorldOfJ - 500+ Thank You Giveaway
5. riceysupreme first giveaway (Open Internationally)
This giveaway is held by Amanda on her blog RiceySupreme and ended on January 4, 2013
riceysupreme first giveaway
6. Miss Kat V 2500 followers giveaway
This giveaway held by Kat on her blog MissKatV and ended December 29, 2012
misskatv 2500 followers giveaway

7. Marshadnb 125 Followers giveaway

This giveaway held by Marsha on her blog Marshadnb and ended 30days later :D

Those are giveaways of the month that I joined to spend this December :D
I hope you guys can join this giveaway too :)


3 komentar :

  1. I love freebies too... if u want a free-thing too.. join my giveaway here

    btw, I'm ur new follower :) keep posting n let's be friend :)

  2. kkk~ *high five*
    my pleasure I will join your giveaway <3

    and, yeah i'll be one of your new followers too :)
    thank you for your support :D

  3. waaa a lot of giveaway ! :D

    anyway, join my giveaway too! :D
    win a gift voucher for free ❤
    and get all stuffs in indonesia in half price :)


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