Selasa, 09 Oktober 2012

Random Chat

Heyya~ OMG!! I feel pain now, I'm suck with my assignment, and next week already midterm exam.. huwaaaa!!! I'm going crazy babe! I need holiday.. I need holiday.. to refresh my mind >.<
anyway, I'm in blue mood now.. I'm little bit upset because I cancel my planning to watch Lee Seung Gi oppa concert next month :(( Why I cancel it? because I just wanna see the concert if I got VVIP ticket, VVIP ticket can taking picture with seung gi oppa xD I will be more upset and feel more jealous if I see people in VVIP can taking picture with seung gi oppa but I cannot, LMAO! Beside, I need to save money for my december haul, I buy a lot of cosmetic from my junior at campus, she is one of student exchange in Busan, and she accepted my request to helping me bought those cosmetic, that's why I need to save much of money because my budget beyond my limits~ hahahaha
you want to know what I prepared for my december big haul?? Here I give you the list:
etude House
shini star bb cream
drawing show liner black
color me nude
baby woo lip plumper aqua
tint plumper red
fresh cherry lip tint red, orange
dear darling tint red
dear my blooming cheek pk001 & or201
look at my lips shade #5(pink holic), look at my lips shade #2(runway coral orange), #6(i've got red), #16(love me pink)
Happy essential foam collagen, and vit C
too cool for school
maybe baby lips
marshmallow puff

pig nose clear massage gel

actually I order more than this, but I think she cannot carrying more than this, I'm pretty sure that is not only me crazy girl who give a request like this to her, lol! beside, those of things I also still wanna order ultra shimmer eyeshadow palette from coastal scent, set brush from eco tool, and new lense and wig. xD
Maybe you guys think hat I'm crazy, what for I'm order so many stuff, but I will need them for my new collection, I need to restock my cosmetic, and I will need them for working, lol! Did I tell you if I have internship program next year?? hahahaha
I just love to shopping~

well then, it's too late here, and I just finished my assignment because of uri seung gi oppa accompany me during did this ass-signment, lmao~

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