Sabtu, 01 September 2012

Popular Asian and Ulzzang Pose Part I

Did you know Asian people have whole pose in taking photos?? I will post about 90++ asian pose. I post my selca as the example based on popular asian pose that often use by ulzzang, feizl, net-idol, artist, and asian people. Are you ready??? Go!!!

1. Smile

Dee - Ulzzang Pose (smile)
Dee - Ulzzang Pose (smile)
2. Eyes look above or side
Dee - Ulzzang Pose (look above)

Dee - Ulzzang Pose (look side)
3. Puff up / blow cheek
Dee - Ulzzang Pose (puff up/ blow cheek)
4. Close mouth with hand
Dee - Ulzzang Pose (close mouth w/ hands)
5. Peace/ Victory/ V-sign
Dee - Ulzzang Pose (Peace/ V - sign)
6. Wink Eyes
sorry this is fail-wink, i cannot wink-wink properly, lololol
Dee - Ulzzang Pose (Wink)

 7. Cat/ nyan - nyan pose
Dee - Ulzzang Pose (nyan-nyan/ cat alike)
8. Laying Pose
Dee - Ulzzang Pose (Laying)
9. Sleeping/ Close eyes Pose
Dee - Ulzzang Pose (sleep)
10. side-face
Dee - Ulzzang Pose (side-face)
11. Eat/ Drink
Dee - Ulzzang Pose (eat)
12. Wearing Hat
Dee - Ulzzang Pose (wearing hat)
13. Wearing Mask
Dee - Ulzzang Pose (wearing mask)
14. Wearing Headset
Dee - Ulzzang Pose (wearing headset)
15. taking picture with cute stuff/ animal
*with cute doll*
Dee - Ulzzang pose (w/ cute doll)
*with cute bandana*
Dee - Ulzzang Pose (w/ cute bandana)
Okay.. I'll post another picture tomorrow~ there are too many poses and i cannot post all of pose in one post or it will become bwk, and i think all of you already upset to seeing my face, lol.

cr: Kagura-sohma

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  1. kamu lucu banget siih =3 hihihihi~~ XD

  2. Ohohohoo, masukan baru yah buat b'gaya
    ahahaha :D

  3. iya nih mungkin bisa mnjadi inspirasi buat yg pengen berpose ala ulzzang

  4. Just curious, where you bought the bandana?
    It's cuuuuute !

  5. @ande I bought it in jogja when I visited mall at malioboro, i have no idea bout the name but it's in malioboro area :D


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