Selasa, 25 September 2012

My First Award: Versatile Award

Good evening fellas ( ^_^)/

I just got my nomination for my first award and it so awesome! It just few months ago since I re-active from long break time :) first of all thank you to Yessy Suwandi who nominated me in this award.
Dee - Versatile Award
Now, these are seven random facts about me (*≧▽≦)
1. I like so many Korean songs, singer, girlband, boyband, and band, but nor all of them I really love or fanatic to them.
2. I am really a deaf-tone person.
3. I love eat creation recipe of chiken, I can eat chiken seven days in a row without complain or feel boring.
4. I’m in love with make-up and hairstyle on my first year at university.
5. I watched my first video make-up tutorial from bubzbeauty.
6. I like dog, but I’m really afraid of dog at the same time.
7. I ever have a dream to be an astronaut when I’m in 5th grade in elementary school

Now, this is the list 15 lucky bloggers that I nominated for this award:

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  1. Thanks so much for the award ^^

  2. makasih kak ^^btw nama akunya salah >,< wkwkkw :D

  3. @docci: sama2 docci :D

    @marsha: ups.. iya typo, udh ak ganti kok hehe

    @elizabeth: welcome sweetie :D


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