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MuiMiu Giveaway: K-Pop Inspired Makeup - Jiyeon T-ARA

Hello my lovely readers (*≧▽≦)
Today, I will share to you my K-pop inspired makeup from Jiyeon T-ARA O(≧∇≦)O
Jiyeon T-ARA - Dream High 2

I make this because of I wanna join Muimiu Giveaway, and I feel it's been long time since i post my previous tutorial ( ̄ー ̄)

Why I choose Yoona?? It is because Jiyeon eonni is my favorite girl in T-ARA, she has gorgeous eyes and adorable hair! ahh~ really want to touch her face ( ^▽^)σ)゜ー゜)プ

Anyway, maybe you want to know what kind of giveaway that Muimiu held, isn't it? The prize will make you shocked, especially if you are v.i.p! why??? because of the prize is 2 tickets BIGBANG Alive World Tour Concert in Jakarta ヾ(;☆ω☆)ノギャアアーー!! suprised?? Me too! Amazing?? So do I! that's why I join this giveaway, I hope you guys also participate in her giveaway. Big thankful for Muimiu for this giveaway, you're awesome! o(´∇`*o)(o*´∇`)o
and this is how the tickets looks alike
See?? this is not small prize, right? I really wanna win and watch the concert! I hope I can win this giveaway, especially next month is my roommate birthday - I hope I can watching this concert together (人・_・)♡

Well, back to my inspired make up, now I will show you Jiyeon's eonni makeup in Dream High 2.
Check it out~

1. Put on the foundation. I use Revlon PhotoReady Makeup shade Nude.
Dee Jiyeon Dream High Makeup - Foundation
2. Use concealer to hide my panda eyes and freakin' acne. I use Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer.
Dee Jiyeon Dream High Makeup - Concealer
3. Shading my cute nose. I use LT shadow.
Dee Jiyeon Dream High Makeup - shading
4. Put on BB cream at face. I use Etude BB cream Precious mineral.
Dee Jiyeon Dream High Makeup - BB cream
5. Use natural eyeshadow. I use LT shadow
Dee Jiyeon Dream High Makeup - eyeshadow
6. Make simple line for eyeliner. I use Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.
Dee Jiyeon Dream High Makeup - mascara
7. Put mascara. I use mascara 3 layers because I cannot use false lashes, but the effect is similar like using false lashes. For first two layers I use Maybelline Magnum Volume mascara, and for the third layer I use  Oriflame Very Me Fat Lash mascara.
Dee Jiyeon Dream High Makeup - mascara/ subtitue false lashes
8. Put some blush on at my cheek. I use LT Pink blush on.
Dee Jiyeon Dream High Makeup - Blush on
9. Make gradient lips. I use Maybelline concealer as base lips, For the inner lips I use etude fresh cherry tint red, outer lips I use LT lips, and for the top coat I use baby woo~ lip plumper aqua.
Dee Jiyeon Dream High Makeup - gradient lips
wanna see the result?? Here it is...
Dee - FOTD jiyeon look-a-like

Dee - FOTD jiyeon look-a-like

Dee - FOTD jiyeon look-a-like
... ... ...
I hope I can win in this giveaway, I really wanna watch Bigbang concert with kia, we really really really want to see taeyang oppa directly. o(>< )o o( ><)o
please always support me guys ^o^

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  1. Whoa you're so pretty dear ! :D
    Aku juga nih matanya berkantong hiks kadang kesel ngakalinnya kalo mau pake make up hiks
    Maybelline concealernya ampuh banget nggak sih? Aku penasaraaan hehehe
    Btw, i'm a VIP too XD
    Hope you can see the concert! :D

    Following you via GFC :D

  2. kalo di muka ak sih coveragenya bagus saii, tp gk terlalu tahan (gatau jg emang gk tahan lama ato krna muka ak oily skin) lama2 jd kyak gk blend gtu dimuka >.<
    klo ak pke concealer myb buat indoor aja :D
    yeeey~ sesama VIP xD
    aminn... :D
    thankies sweetie :*


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