Sabtu, 15 September 2012

Being a part of Indonesian Beauty Blogger and it's Totally AWESOME!!

OMG!! This is almost 2am in the middle of the night and i just check on my email, and you know what?? I just found out that I've been officially being a part of Indonesian Beauty Blogger. ガ━━━━━━━Σ(゚□゚*川━━━━━━━━ン!  Well, this is incredible! I try to be cool but i can't stand it! this is too much of happiness in my heart, mind, and soul! (≧∇≦) wanna look that email?? here's it is...
Dee Listing as IBB Member
Wow, I'm proud become one of Indonesian beauty blogger, It is i'm just to happy (人´∀`) anyway, I still prepare mini haul and review of the month, and editing tutorial.
please always stare on my blog to check what's new today :D
i Love you guys :*:*

Proud to be Indonesian Beauty Blogger
Dee - Indonesian Beauty Blogger

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