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Type of Eyeliner

Eyeliner is one of important makeup tools. It has functions to make eye sharp and distinct. With particular makeup trick, eyeliner could make eyes appearance more attractive, and correcting big eyes, and, or slanted eyes. In ulzzang world eyeliner can make big dolly eyes image on ulzzang face.

There are several types of eyeliner that distributed to consumer. Each types of eyeliner has different function and give different finishing look eyes adorn.

1. Pencil
Pencil is one of eyeliner type which is the most popular, because it is easy to use. However, most of pencil eyeliner is not long lasting so that we need to re-use it in several time. Pencil which has soft and gentle structure suitable to make bold line, while pencil which has more hard to make thin line.
Nars eye pencil

2. Liquid
The packaging is little bottle with thin and sharp brush. Liquid liner is more long lasting rather than pencil, and after it dried it won't smudge.
Etude Oh My Eye Line
3. Liquid Pencil (marker liner)
Almost same with liquid liner, but the brush and the packaging (bottle) combine like marker/ pencil. More efficient and easy to use. Usually the brush is thicker than liquid liner brush to get dramatic eyes. This eyeliner is suitable for newbie in makeup world.
Dolly Wink Eyeliner
4. Gel
The packaging of Gel eyeliner is in a little pot and extra brush. The form is more thick than liquid liner. Eyeliner gel was applied using a thin and pointy brush.
Silkygirl Double Intense Gel Eye Liner
5. Crayon (Kohl)
The form is similar to pencil but has bigger diameter with soft texture. This eyeliner suitable to make smudge and smokey look.
Make Up forever Aqua Eyes
6. Cake
This type of eyeliner often used by professional or makeup artist. before you applied, the brush should be soaked with water first so that the color is out.
cake eye liner

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