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TOP 5 Ulzzang Indonesia Season IV 2012

Ulzzang Indonesia Page
Ulzzang Indonesia is a site which made on August 1, 2011. This site has purpose to introduce Indonesian Ulzzang to world, proving that Indonesia has good quality ulzzang, and looking for new Indonesian Ulzzang. They choose the best Indonesian Ulzzang by five stages: registration, choosing top five, send picture for top five, battle between top five, and battle with the best previous ulzzang.

Last June, Ulzzang Indonesia open new contest Ulzzang Indonesia Season IV. Because of contest time is not far from Ulzzang Indonesia first anniversary, they choose theme that suitable in celebrated anniversary, then they decided to open five categories: Best with gift, Best with fashion style, Best with accessories, Best with couple, and Best Expression.
Ulzzang Indonesia Season IV
I joined in Best fashion style, Best with couple, and Best expression. However, I choose as TOP FIVE in Best expression category O(≧∇≦)O

They announced all of top five from each category on August 1, 2012 coincide with first Ulzzang Indonesia anniversary. Here all of Top Five in Ulzzang Indonesia Season IV ( ^ _ ^)∠☆PAN!

★ Top Five Best with Gift 
Top 5 Best with Gift Ulzzang Indonesia season IV
Kim Shi Yue
ღ Christiani
Park Yimie

★ Top Five Best with Fashion Style 
Top 5 Best with Fashion Style Ulzzang Indonesia Season IV
ღ Hyeri
ღ SanLiiciiouse

★ Top Five Best with Accessories 
Top 5 Best with Accessories Ulzzang Indonesia Season IV
ღ Neeuq Revliz
ღ Febry Tsang
ღ Ella
ღ Sandra Choi
ღ Alviona

★ Top Five Best with Couple 
Top 5 Best with Couple Ulzzang Indonesia Season IV

ღ Sheyla Novita
ღ Yuri Kim
ღ Widya
ღ Sartika
ღ Dian Hapsari

★ Top Five Best Expression 
Top 5 Best Expression Ulzzang Indonesia Season IV

ღ Dee (It's Me ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ)
ღ Xierin
ღ Febry Tsang
ღ Vidhy VD

Those all of top five in Ulzzang Indonesia Season IV, Don't forget support me in Top Five battle ≧∇≦
I hope all of Ulzzang Indonesia members who has not chosen in season IV still believe that all of us born in our own beauty, none of us ugly - the ugliest one is just your pessimistic o(>< )o o( ><)o

xoxo, (*^3^)/〜☆

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