Selasa, 28 Agustus 2012

Q&A - Dee answer two questions from visitors

1. How you make this kind of blog? Its so cute >_<
hello NN, i post my answer here because you don't have formspring account and i hope it can help others too ㅋㅋㅋ
first, you should have a blog, if you dont just signup on blogger. Next, search cute template for your blog, here some free cute template for your blog:
You can arrange and combine one or two template (If you understand css/ html code). After you finish with template, add some widget to your blog. After that, edit your profile and arrange the layout. If you finish all the steps then Time for Blogging (´*)

2. Dimana membeli perlengkapan make-up ulzzang?
Hi another NN,
I post my answer here because you don't have formspring account or give me your email to answer it :)
tempat beli peralatan make-up itu bisa dimana aja princess, tergantung kamu maunya dari brand apa :) kamu bisa beli secara online, bisa juga langsung dateng ke counternya di mall, kalo brand lokal kayak maybelline ato silkygirl counternya ada di matahari, hypermart, guardian, etc. kalo untuk brand korea kayak etude, face shop, etc coba cek dari google counter mereka dikota kamu :) kalau kamu membeli online, pastiin toko online yang kamu beli itu bisa dipercaya :D

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