Sabtu, 07 Juli 2012

Review: Etude White Moistfull Cream

Last Sunday I ordered Etude White Moistfull Cream from Mirielle Beauté, I know about this product after I red the review on Elizabeth Sui Li's blog. I interested to try this new whitening product moreover Etude is  one of my favorite brand. So last Tuesday I received the packet, this is appearing of my packet

Based on Elizabeth's blog, the result of this cream will appear a week after first use, i started use this product on Wednesday i'll update this blog after a week for the result (^_-)well, go to the real overview about this product.

The texture of this cream is more like gel rather than cream, and it has sweet smelling. It is really refreshing my face. What i like from his product, it has spatula that make more hygiene and it's also thrifty, only with one scoop with the spatula, it already cover for all part of my face and neck し(*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*) However, I don't really like because this cream need long time absorbing in my skin, I think i have an oily face when I use this produc ヽ(* ̄o ̄*)> So i suggest for you to use this product as a night cream if you don't want your face look oily *。_。)


Pricey, it's around $18 almost twice from my old whitening cream (´~`)
Make my face look oily

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  1. Hi ^^
    What's your old whitening?^^
    But does this product did what it claims such as whitening? What about your acne scars?
    Anw very cute and nice blog design ><

    New follower ^^
    Mind to followback?:3

  2. well, this product didn't give me whitening effect -___-
    actually, i didn't have any acne scars back then, this product didn't fit on my skin, and i have acne when i use this product :( disappointed T^T

    thanks, and already follow yours :)


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