Senin, 02 Juli 2012

lovely-no-lovely day is today

Dou you remember Alvin and the chipmunk soundtrack, bad day? It completely explained about my first day in this week. Actually it’s not really bad day, but also freedom, and happy day, wth I think I’ll said today is fine (;´ρ`) (sorry I don’t have good word to explain about today). There are so many event happened today since I woke up in this earlier morning until now I publish this blog. The first time I woke up the water is very cold and it became worst because the temperature in my room is cold too, then when I want to wear formal clothes (today is my mini-thesis defense, I need to look formal in this important day) my black skirt is gone!! w(Д w Okay, that was 07.45am and the defense would started at 08.00am, so disaster (btw, I still cannot found it until now). Chased after time, I blindly chose the clothes, I picked up my white-bone shirt, cream skirt, and black leather shoes (so unacceptable), and the worse thing when I arrived at campus the defense was not starting yet because of the office boy still prepare the room -- what the heck is that?! (;)

During my waiting time I met miss Lizzie (she's one of my favorite lecture, I'll told little bit about her in another post kkkk) and she gave some advise for us (I was waiting with my friends) not to worry about the defense, we need to relax ourselves, and do not speaking fast and don't put too many slides when the defense. Just a simple advise, but it's really help me, I'm little bit nervous about this defense, but she make me stronger and feel confident, I don't know why, but I'm happy to have her as my lecture. After little advises from Miss Lizzie, all of my classmates went to upstairs and I was still waiting for my Eru in the lobby campus. Few minutes later Miss Lizzie for one more time through lobby and met me, 'nice skirt' she said. It's only two words, but I really appreciate it, because I choose the clothes blindly. Yeah, even the words "nice skirt" doesn't mean all of my appearance are nice, but admiring by someone that I adore as the most fashionable lecture was like errrrhh.. It cannot be expressed in a word.
About 09.00 o'clock, after breakfast with my Eru, and printed my thesis proposal, I entered the defense room, some of my classmate was already in the room and the first person did the defense, and you know there is no lottery number, first come was first served, they prefer volunteer from student. Then why I should come really earlier this morning? ( ̄ー ̄;) actually I have secret motivation to came earlier, I wanna go to Jakarta looking for wedding gift for my Eru brother and I need to finish my defense asap. However, I think this defense more like presentation rather than ‘defense’. After waiting four persons defense, I came up with all of my strength to started this defense, firstly I greeted the three examiners Mr. Bobry (lecture assistant), Mr. Pardi (he’ll be my lecture next semester), and Ms. Angela (she is lecture assistant), and I started my defense with called Miss Angela as Mister Angela, what a lame to start a defense and it became worse because after my five minutes thesis proposal presentation Ms. Angela was asking me one question, and I still wondering myself is really far - far away from defense room so that I didn’t get if Ms. Angela gave a question or just gave comment until Mr. Pardi ask me don’t I answer Ms. Angela question since I just said ok and there is no reacting that I will argue Ms. Angela whereas I MUST defense my thesis, and I still in big silence and big OK after Mr. Pardi said that (一。一;;) what a fool- and Mr. Pardi said that I’m a collector since I use an article from year 1934 as my resource, lol. Well, the rest is good I could defend my thesis proposal; it’s quite interesting for me, time after my defense I just went out and leave the room. I really want to go to Jakarta asap. I really want to continue my story about my adventure in Jakarta, but I’m so tired, and sleepy, I just came back to home, so I’ll continue my story tomorrow.
btw, sorry for late update, this post shoul be posted last night :(

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