Jumat, 08 Juni 2012

Good Morning Macaroni barbeque and cheese Review

Good Morning is one entrepreneurship group from major visual communication design (VCD), they sell breakfast menu: pancake, macaroni, crepes, hot chocolate, and iced chocolate with affordable price! 
See the price? it's really student price, and they have cute menu brochure, and good offering. We will get point card and one sticker for purchasing one product, and if we collects 10 sticker we will get free one meals  it's good promotion technique to attract consumers.
Back to my order, i interested to their macaroni and i decide to order macaroni bbq, and macaroni cheese. Good Morning has pre-order system so i already order for this meals since yesterday, and i want my order is delivered at 5pm. This is how Good Morning package their products. I like their packaging because it's different from other entre group.
For taste also their macaroni is so yummy, i like macaroni bbq, but it's better if the taste more spicy. for macaroni cheese, it's also good, but the portion is really breakfast portion, it just like snack for my stomatch  Their weakness is they only sell it in evening whereas i want it for breakfast, lol. and i hope they can deliver the food more faster because they use pre-order system. overall i give this entre 4 of 5. 

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