Jumat, 25 Mei 2012

Plastic Surgery Procedure Part III (nose & forehead)

Nose (Rhinoplasty)
Rhinoplasty that makes a low nose bridge higher.
1. Augmentation

Plastic Surgery Procedure Part II (V-line face)

One of Jaw reduction advertising in Korea

jessica jung before-after jaw reduction
So, how to make the face become V-line? In medical it called jaw bone/ mandibular reduction

Plastic Surgery Procedure Part I (Eyes)

1. Eyes
1.1. Double Eyelid

because it is rarely found Koreans have double eyelid, then double eyelid surgery is one option that is likely to be more secure and quick to get the effect of a bigger eyes.
first, they draw the template
After that, slashed the template to get the double eyelid
This is one of the result

G.Na - Black & White (Recommended Song)

Talking about G.Na, singer that has real name Choi Gina i remember about her song 'black and white' it's really what i called truly words in my world. Under Cube management song and video clip black and white already made me feeling something that i cannot said with world. well, maybe not all of you know about G.Na or her song black and white, so i'll make you know who is G.Na and about her song ;black and white'

Happy 19th Birthday for me :3

two months ago  i celebrated my 19th birthday with my beloved family, lol. it's been long long ago since i have too many activities and cannot be active blogging here 
this is my super birthday cake.. Delicious tiramisu that full with chocolate, humm.... yummy! 
this is really surprise party, i really don't know if they prepare family birthday party and with cake? haha
thank you to my mother, father, and my two brothers 
anyway, i have gift from my brother, it is a blue blouse, it seem little bit not my size, but i really appreciate it. I also got my first DSLR camera, i got nikon D3000. This is really awesome camera for newbie like me 

Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

Reality: Plastic Surgery in South Korea

What is your opinion after you see Kim Na Na (Park Min Young) at drama City Hunter?

Beautiful? Cute? Doll look like? I have same opinion like you, but the reality sometime more tragic rather dream. Her face is 100% pure of plastic surgery from forehead to chin those are plastic. Surprise? Shocked?  you should be know this is the real thing.

Selasa, 22 Mei 2012

Drawing look a like

In my busy day i still make time to learn deeper about photoshop, and i found a cute technique to make photo look like drawing technique, yeay!  unfortunately, this technique cannot be use in all of photo 
Well, this is some results of my creation 

Ulzzang Choi Seo Hee

Jiyeon T-ara

Gyaru Tsubasa Masuwaka (Milky Bunny)

These all some of my creation, give me your opinion 

long time not active here

it been so long that i never active in this blog, so sad  i wanna share about my 19th birthday to you guys okay i will post the best damn thing that you missed.. i'm the kind person right? just wait for my next uploaded during my off blogging day..