Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

Long Journey

I remember when I was a high school student who always figured so wonderful become college student, go to campus without uniform, the schedule is not wasting time (from morning to afternoon), do not have home work, it’s a beautiful think ever. In fact it’s more complicated then, I have much of home work that I do not know where I should start. Okay, it’s too much pressure this place; give me a room, I need my time to refresh my brain. That was the beginning of my long journey that night. My brain is totaled, I can’t stand it anymore, I feel that I would be dead if I have less belief. Many suicide cases happened because of study problem, it’s really insane, I never think to finish my life like that dummy b*tch, I only need time to refresh my mind. I need much of inspiration to make those assignment, fortunately I don’t have final exam that will make me become crazy.

And it will be my gate to that adventure, I cancelled all of my meeting that night and go to mall to play pump it up, but it’s too late, the mall already closed, so I decided looking for dinner. I go to jatiwaringin area and found fried duck that really yummy! I looked at my watch, it’s past twelve and it’s too late to get back to dorm, but I should so I decided to finish my dinner and back to dorm. Unfortunately, the main gate is already locked, I tried to tell the security then he opened the gate for me. Yeah I already get in dormitory area, but it’s not easier to found the female security, she wasn’t on her post, so I looked for her and found her at east gate, she looked at me with her cold eyes but it’s not affect my mind, I don’t care with her! I just wanna sleep on my bed. It’s really long journey trip, lol.

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