Selasa, 13 Maret 2012

Dapur Cokelat - Everything about chocolate & Dee

many times ago (i forget the details) me, kia, and piim got two dozens praline and one box two seasons from sister meta and her boyfriend. I never expected she will brought us this delicious chocolate that made me melt at that time, lol. The chocolate is producted by Dapur Cokelat that located in Jakarta (they have several branch: menteng, greenville, Jl. K.H. Ahmad Dahlan).
I wanna make review about the chocolate, I'll start it from praline first. There are several kind of praline in that box, are caramel candy, almond square, coffe candy, fruit nut bar, mint candy, rum raisin candy, and white truffle. Overall, the chocolate in Dapur chocolate is very good! it's delicious. However, from many kinds of praline i'm only like caramel candy, and almond square. I really recommended both of that praline! XD
Another chocolate is good, but it's not really suitable for my stomach and mouth. I don't like mint, coffe, and food that has orange essence, that's why i don't really like another praline. For rum raisin candy and white truffle i don't know, i feel many sensation in my mouth that couldn't I express to you. You can taste raisin, rum, and milk that made my head spinning around, lol.
Forget about that praline, I will talk much about two seasons. This cake is really perfecto! the best chocolate cake that i ever taste :3 The oouchsome perfect combination of dark and white chocolate mousse. The chosolate is very soft and solid. The tase is really chocolate and made you melt. You'll be confuse to determine is it an ice cream or a cake, lol.

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