Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

Long Journey

I remember when I was a high school student who always figured so wonderful become college student, go to campus without uniform, the schedule is not wasting time (from morning to afternoon), do not have home work, it’s a beautiful think ever. In fact it’s more complicated then, I have much of home work that I do not know where I should start. Okay, it’s too much pressure this place; give me a room, I need my time to refresh my brain. That was the beginning of my long journey that night. My brain is totaled, I can’t stand it anymore, I feel that I would be dead if I have less belief. Many suicide cases happened because of study problem, it’s really insane, I never think to finish my life like that dummy b*tch, I only need time to refresh my mind. I need much of inspiration to make those assignment, fortunately I don’t have final exam that will make me become crazy.

Selasa, 13 Maret 2012

Ulzzang make-up and surgery in photoshop

you know ulzzang? if you don't know ulzzang is korea term that means "best face" they are gorgeous, beautiful young lady and handsome boy. In fact, that is no really their face, some of them use make up, and photoshop. The extreme way that they took is do plastic surgery. I try to make some "ordinary" photo look like ulzzang with photoshop. I collect the pictures randomly on google and did digital surgery on them.

After you see this? what do you think about ulzzang? it's really okay and i don't care if you want to edit your picture until it become the best face picture in the world, but do not do plastic surgery! If you just wanna have photo like an ulzzang just use power of make-up and magical photoshop. :)

If you have problem and question about how to use photoshop you can email me, see the email addres in my info (left on this page)

Dapur Cokelat - Everything about chocolate & Dee

many times ago (i forget the details) me, kia, and piim got two dozens praline and one box two seasons from sister meta and her boyfriend. I never expected she will brought us this delicious chocolate that made me melt at that time, lol. The chocolate is producted by Dapur Cokelat that located in Jakarta (they have several branch: menteng, greenville, Jl. K.H. Ahmad Dahlan).

Day by Day (SNSD) MV (fan-made)

I made this video yesterday with my friends. I felt it't little bit messy video and messy face there, but it's just for fun. We're in final exam now and we did something funny that could be refreshing our mind and this video is the result :D
hope you can enjoy it :)