Senin, 27 Februari 2012

Free-time selca

I don't know, it's my face yesterday. I woke up in the morning, looking my hair, turn on my laptop and feel wanna take some picture and here it is.. XD

So SAD couldn't attend Indonesia Fashion Week 2012

well, last weekend i feel bad because i couldn't attend IFW 2012, so sad, terrible, like horror! and it's only caused by crazy shopping this month and too much of hangout! It's insane, i don't want to miss a great event like this anymore. I will try to manage my money more better again, but in this situation i still wanna go shopping. How supposed i do? it's my habit~ lol XD
For everyone listen, now i'm in short semester and next week i'm full of presentation and exam, so please be patient in waiting my new post :D i'll posting again after final test :D

very sorry for this frustation post, little under pressure with many subject :p