Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

Happy New Year :)

Wassup guys?? How bout your new years? I hope you have good resolution for this year J before I continue my chit-chat I wanna say happy new year J I know it’s little bit late but wi-fi in my dorm only activate only on school days L hiks. So, I wanna ask you what are you doing during last holiday? How did you spend your new year? At this time I will share about my new year time, I only two with my roommate and at dorm looked like graveyard so empty and scary. Beside my neighborhood go back to their hometown all of out lamps are off and it was so dark outside so I just inside home with my roommate, lol.

The big question is what are we doing during this Christmas break? We just sleep, eat, watching tv, playing game, and sleep again, lol. And the result is my body little bit brighter than before :D
For our new years night we just watched movie until we fall asleep then woke up in next morning, haha.
Do you think it was a boring holiday? Of course yes, but it changed after my boyfriend and kia boyfriend came back. Both of us have happy holiday, I played ice skating and went shopping. I will make new story for it in new post J
Well, not many things that I did during holiday but I still enjoy it, because I still have time for enjoy my holiday rather than another students that have final exam the day after new year maybe until now, I don’t know. However, may be they already have break time now but I already have class and it’s in short semester L but I have new spirit in this new year J

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