Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011

Another dream of prince charming again

That’s weird, last night I woke up in the early morning about 04.00 am, I heard my phone is ringing twice and it’s two messages from my boyfriend (c’mon it’s too early to message your date buddy). Well, forget about the message the point in this story about my dream when I fall asleep again after I read the messages. You know in my dream I was in a big party and I’m really sure that I was with my boyfriend, but I only see my self alone in the crowded room while my boyfriend has his own party with his friends and he hadn’t looked at me even it’s for a while, dramatic, tragic, and too cruel. I was alone when you got the party beside you! (It was just a dream but how come in a dream you still didn’t beside me?).

And here we come in a gate of happiness come, lol. In that big crowded room I saw a boy, a cute boy (he’s really my type: tall, brighter skin color, black-brown hair, little bit like western and little bit like eastern, so funny right?)

then, he came to me, you know what I feel while he walked at me? I feel so fear, I feel blue, I feel that I was so stupid, why I came here? I look like a moron. And when he held my hand, he also starring at me and smile “may I?” he said. Oh God! He’s incredible! “I do” I said. We go to the middle of the hall and started dance and I don’t care even other people starred at me and thinking whatever as long as I was happy. J
He’s kind guy, he made me happy there, and suddenly my boyfriend came to us and try to grabbed my hand, but this prince charming tried to stopped it and held my hands and go outside. And you know when we go outside? I forget all the things what happened after that. Lol. I couldn’t remember what happening next so my story ended there. Haha well one thing that I knew, I think I ever saw him before but I don’t know where it is, with him I think I already have 4 dream about mysterious guys, lol.

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