Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

Welcome again

Ha-ha only that the first word come out from my mouth since I lost my password for this blog. Lol! You can see that I already leave from this blog almost a year, surprised right? =____= ok now welcome again for me as owner this online-diary, I will update my story again but not full now because I still enjoy my free day after midterm, wtf. FYI, almost a year I disappear now I come back not as high school student, but college student! How lucky I am. :D well, maybe you confused why I write down my story in English, but you should be now I continue my study at Yale University.. Whoo!! *claps-claps*. Ok, just kidding, I’m still here in our beloved country Indonesia, lol. But seriously my campus use English language as main language, so this is a new me, I try to make all of people in this world can understand about my story, but don’t worry I will use bilingual because my English is stuck at the time, rofl. Honestly, welcome back to readers. Love you! xoxo

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