Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

dorm sweet dorm

Holla.. Holla.. met malem semuanya J
Karna gw masih bingung mau cerita apa gimana kalo gw cerita tentang dorm (bara: asrama) gw aja? jadi dorm gw itu bentuknya kayak rumah tipe 32. Ada gak yaa rumah tipe 32? Abis gw ngerasa dorm gw sempit banget sih. Yang pasti dorm kecil gw ini punya teras kecil tempat temen-temen gw narok sepeda (kalo sepeda gw udah ilang dan gak ada pihak yang bisa dimintain pertanggungjawaban) selain buat narok sepeda tuh teras seuprit juga biasa kita pake buat jemuran, jemur apa hayo tebak? Wkwkwk

Welcome again

Ha-ha only that the first word come out from my mouth since I lost my password for this blog. Lol! You can see that I already leave from this blog almost a year, surprised right? =____= ok now welcome again for me as owner this online-diary, I will update my story again but not full now because I still enjoy my free day after midterm, wtf. FYI, almost a year I disappear now I come back not as high school student, but college student! How lucky I am. :D well, maybe you confused why I write down my story in English, but you should be now I continue my study at Yale University.. Whoo!! *claps-claps*. Ok, just kidding, I’m still here in our beloved country Indonesia, lol. But seriously my campus use English language as main language, so this is a new me, I try to make all of people in this world can understand about my story, but don’t worry I will use bilingual because my English is stuck at the time, rofl. Honestly, welcome back to readers. Love you! xoxo